TMU's Wellbeing Future

2022 Referendum

Thank you for voting!

Photo of a rendering of the bright and modern imagined Student Wellbeing Centre, a white, mid-sized tower atop of TMU's historic O'Keefe House. Located across the street from Balzac's and TMU Image Arts, the Centre offers additional green space on several floors along the exterior.

Vote “Yes” to Make TMU’s Wellbeing Services More Accessible and Equitable

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) is committed to supporting student success. While wellbeing is embedded in TMU’s academic values and has helped to inform the university’s strategic vision, the last several years have underscored just how important it is for you to have better access to the suite of wellbeing services available to you, and to expand those services to better meet your needs.

With this in mind, TMU is reimagining the future of wellbeing on campus.

By co-investing with students, alumni, donors and partners, TMU aims to bring a new vision for student and community wellbeing to life. You can expect:

  • Increased access to services – Expanded access to primary health services now, especially more mental health supports.

  • Integrated care and navigation – All of your wellbeing resources in one place so you don’t have to run around campus to find the care you need.

  • Wellbeing at the heart of campus – A new Student Wellbeing Centre in the heart of the university community, giving you and future students a warm and welcoming space that’s designed to help you flourish.

On Tuesday, November 1, Wednesday, November 2 and Thursday, November 3 you will be asked to be part of TMU’s wellbeing evolution and to vote in support of making this vision a reality. We can’t do this without you.

Colourful rendering showcasing what each floor of the imagined Student Wellbeing Centre will house. Lower level negative one: Building Services and shared spaces. Floor one: Shared spaces and centralized check in. Floor two: Medical Centre and Health Promotion. Floor three: Academic Accommodation Support. Floor four: Shared spaces and ThriveTMU. Floor five: Tri-Mentoring Program. Floor six: Centre for Student Development and Counselling. Floor seven: Centre for Student Development and Counselling and Medical Centre. Floor eight: Consent Comes First.

*This is an early rendering created prior to TMU’s name change. The exact details of this design may change.