TMU's Wellbeing Future

2022 Referendum

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Putting Wellbeing at the Heart of Campus

To better support the student wellbeing journey, Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) is proposing that O'Keefe House, the heritage building located at 137 Bond St. on the corner of Gould and Bond, be reconceptualized to become the university’s new Student Wellbeing Centre – where all of our wellbeing resources (i.e. counselling, medical, mentoring, sexual violence support, and more) will be put under one roof.

Interior rendering of the new Student Wellbeing Centre. A white, spiral staircase decending from a timber ceiling leads to a bright floor with students relaxing and passing through. The right-hand wall, all windows, allows in tons of natural light and brings outside's greenery indoors.

Right now there are limits to how well TMU can support you within the existing wellbeing structure. Many of you have said that, in times of stress, it can be difficult to access the support you need. We want to change that.

We’re committed to making TMU’s wellbeing offerings more accessible and equitable to support your long-term success. With this building, the university aims to create over 18,000 square feet of new space to house existing and improved student wellbeing services and programming in a central location, ending the resource runaround and making it easier for you to get the help you need, when you need it.

Close-up rendering of the added green space along the exterior of the Student Wellbeing Centre's tower. Green and pink trees add to the sense of calm that the white and timber building evokes. Many spaces to relax and gather feature full-window walls to welcome in natural light.

We Want More For You

TMU has grown substantially in the last 10 years, so more space is required to grow the teams and resources that will improve your wellbeing experience here.

Students can expect:

  • More mental-health supports

  • More privacy

  • More green space

  • More places to rest

  • More access to food and snacks

Everything Under One Roof

Studies have shown that when healthcare services are placed at a single point of access – and those services work together – there are tangible benefits for both patients and staff.

Inside students will find:

Designed For Comfort & Sustainability

The Student Wellbeing Centre design incorporates principles of high sustainability, including a timber construction, with natural light and green features to promote a sense of calm, welcoming and ease.

This approach to integrated navigation and care will ensure that every door is the right door so you won’t have to visit multiple offices across campus to seek help, making it easier for you to receive timely access to professionals who are committed to helping you thrive.