TMU's Wellbeing Future

2022 Referendum

Thank you for voting!

Photo of a rendering of the bright and modern imagined Student Wellbeing Centre, a white, mid-sized tower atop of TMU's historic O'Keefe House (side view). Located across the street from Balzac's and TMU Image Arts, the Centre offers additional green space on several floors along the exterior. A red car drives by, as does a student walking their bicycle and several others crossing campus. More students can be seen gathered indoors.

Your Vote Will Shape the Student Experience at TMU

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) is calling on students to co-create the university’s wellbeing plan. On Tuesday, November 1, Wednesday, November 2 and Thursday, November 3, take part in the Student Wellbeing Centre referendum, and vote “yes” to make TMU’s wellbeing services more accessible and equitable.

Yes to an increase of $34.90 per term, less than what most students in Ontario pay for wellbeing services.

What Voting “Yes” Means

TMU aims to make strategic investments in student health and wellbeing in the years to come. Voting “yes” means you agree to a per-term fee increase of $34.90 to support the historic expansion of these supports on campus, knowing that this revenue will immediately start supporting enhanced services next year.

We are seeking equivalent support from the university and donors to vastly improve the quality, timeliness and level of wellbeing services students receive. With this fee, TMU will be able to hire additional support staff, improve mentoring, counselling and clinical support, and reduce wait times for these offerings.

It will also support the capital and construction costs of a new Student Wellbeing Centre at the heart of campus, which aligns with the university’s planned community wellbeing strategy.

A “yes” vote will mean:

Voting is Quick and Easy

Start investing in your wellbeing now. Here’s how you can take part:

  1. Go to the my.ryerson portal on Tuesday, November 1, Wednesday, November 2 or Thursday, November 3

  2. Sign into your my.ryerson account

  3. Hit the link to vote

Your vote isn’t just about a building… it’s about gaining access to better, more equitable services that are needed now more than ever. You have the power to help your peers by being part of TMU’s wellbeing evolution, so vote “yes” to support this pivotal change.

Leave a Legacy

Our wellbeing future begins now, and together we can secure it for future generations of students.


  • how tough it was to find a place to hang out with friends between classes before TMU built the Student Learning Centre (SLC).

  • how much less space there was for campus recreation programs and TMU athletes to train without the state-of-the-art facilities in the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC).

  • having a place where students can access necessary and timely care in a safe, supportive, modern and welcoming environment.

TMU puts the whole student first, so this fee will also go to supporting enhanced care for students right away.

A campus map with a yellow star at 137 Bond Street, on campus, where the new Student Wellbeing Centre is imagined as part of the historic O'Keefe House. The location is directly across the street from Balzac's and TMU Image Arts.